Reasoned harvesting
and cultivation

Although we are in France, these endemic tropical plants grow in harmony with other plants in the heights of the island which does not allow the use of machine to harvest them. Traditional farmers know where to find them. Everything is handmade.

Our farmers have the constant concern to maintain a favourable and protective environment by respecting the seasons and promoting the natural growth of these endemic plants thus ensuring their quality. No unsealed fertilizers and pesticides are used.

The production

Working at low temperatures at all stages of production.

Use of innovative processes allowing not only to preserve but also to reinforce the biological properties of the raw materials thanks to their better bio-availability: our products are naturally concentrated in flavours without any addition of preservatives, dietetic, nutritional, very rich in active anti-oxidants and undenatured.

A CONCENTRATE of natural flavours
Dietetics and Nutrition

To reinforce the dietetic qualities of our sweet products, we have selected natural fruit sugar, fructose, which has a very low glycemic index. Fructose has the advantage not only of being dietetic but also of having a sweetening power 1.7 times higher than normal sugar without being more caloric.

These products are suitable for all consumers and will be all the more appreciated by diabetics, sportsmen, gourmets and chefs.

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