Portion: 6, preparation: 10′, cooking time: 20′

6 slices raw duck foie gras (about 50 g each)

750g fresh letchis

1 tablespoon cold geranium rosat syrup

1 teaspoon ginger cold syrup

6 tst vinegar


Pepper and salt


Decorate and pit the letchis.
Pour the cold geranium rosat and ginger syrups into a hot frying pan. Then add the letchis and cook until you have a fairly dark chutney. Then deglaze the letchis with the white vinegar.

In a very hot frying pan, put the foie gras before floured and leave them for 1 minute, then turn them over for 1 minute, turn off the heat, season and set aside.

Sauté letchis for 2 min in cooking grease

Serve foie gras with letchis.

It is possible to replace the cold geranium rosat syrup with the pink berry cold syrup.


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