Innovation in
our transformation tools

Drying: drying at low temperature enables us to preserve aromas, vitamins, antioxidants – we favour this type of drying to respect the quality of the products.

Innovative dryers: in conjunction with MOBIE, a firm specialising in eco-processes adapted to tropical countries, we are doing everything we can to optimise our dryers so that they can be as energy self-sufficient as possible thanks to the use of renewable energy sources (wind power, solar collectors, etc.).

Other transformation tools: based on process engineering know-how, our equipment enables raw materials to be transformed at low temperatures.

Innovation in
our products

Some of our plants were previously unknown in Metropolitan France and more widely in Europe.

Our blends are also completely innovative and sought-after both for their flavours and to reinforce their virtues.

Our syrups, made 100% cold, are the result of in-house know-how and are a first in the world of syrups and raw-food.

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